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Eetu Puurtinen
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about 10 hours ago
Niclas Sörbrand
Niclas Sörbrand » Bortsett från den uppenbara starten: Går detta problem via sidotag, sidojugg, småtjafs och sedan upp till hyllan inna...
about 11 hours ago
Tiny 3f62594a1732
about 14 hours ago
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Arc'teryx Atom LT Women's Hoody
€139.00 at Bergzeit
Tiny 42ef51f6ad8b
La Sportiva Testarossa
€124.95 at Bergzeit
Tiny 8542f31a4dd8
Black Diamond B.D.V. Hoody
€159.00 at Bergzeit
Tiny fa2de0bd95f2
Black Diamond Solution Hoody
€84.00 at Bergzeit
Tiny 8c564c07477a
Black Diamond Crag Hoody
€94.00 at Bergzeit
Tiny 461e5d0bb7b7
Scarpa Mago
€129.95 at Bergzeit
Tiny 78952ade08d3
La Sportiva Solution Women's
€121.95 at Bergzeit
Tiny 7830f4d57876
adidas Terrex Scope GTX Women's
€149.95 at Bergzeit
Tiny 89093fe3c736
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about 15 hours ago
Tiny 251925fdc650
Kristian Verdich » Gikk denne fra Sit, det var vel meningen?

...as a comment on The Facebook Prince (6A) - Sit?

about 19 hours ago
César Quero
César Quero has published a new blog post
No más grado

No gradúo los bloques

2 days ago
Tiny c4472bd4b78f
Small cc07c23a4f72 Small fc4d99bf2dbc Small 6592244174b3 Small 8d0ab26b24ad Small d22c9b53b9ab
2 days ago
Tiny 809fe6e3370a
Harri Kujanpää » Näytti siltä että tonne alueelle sais ihan mukavasti uusia linjoja vielä. Ootko Vesa merkkaillu about ne linjat mitä ...
2 days ago
Tiny f87bff32ec82
Small 0672fdcddd7a
3 days ago
Tiny f87bff32ec82
Jørgen Bryn Henriksen » And the winner is Benjamin Lager!

...as a comment on Svanen (7B) - Repeat price

3 days ago
Tiny 2214a3951f3b
Anssi Laatikainen » Thanks! Definately deserves more ascents.

...as a comment on Boat Block Problem (7A) - Grade

3 days ago
Jari Lappalainen
3 days ago
Tiny fc2490f023c1
Tomi Lindroos » Updated the route info. Cool that somebody finally climbed this thing =)

...as a comment on Boat Block Problem (7A) - Grade

3 days ago
Tiny 2a43aa586e57
Small 3dd8730f365d
3 days ago
Tiny 79441f604375
Oliver Petäjä » I climbed this route also by using only the right arete and eliminating the the next part of the cliff on the right s...
4 days ago
Tiny 780dcc7fa809
4 days ago
Tiny 6f66744653bc
Small 3cb75c326297 Small 5f853c725faf Small 491cccb3e33c Small 0774792eaebf Small d305403e4651
4 days ago
Tiny 6cc94dd5692c
Small 615f88d3f749 Small e12713beff11
4 days ago
Tiny c4472bd4b78f
Small 4b44afd26491
4 days ago
Tiny 80d796bd477e
Tuure Saarinen » Oikean käden hyvä saiderikrimppi jäi käteen kun lähdin siitä seisomalähtönä. Seisaria tää ei vaikeuta, mutta SS saatt...
5 days ago
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